Program Structure

Roadmap and Timelines

Program Outline


ModeDuration HoursWeeksBatch Size
Instruction 279100
(4 hours in group and 2 hours 1-1 basis)

Training Schedule

Assessing & Harnessing Opportunities1.5 hrs
2Introduction to SIRS Business Model 1.5 hrs
3Goal Setting for Your Business 1.5 hrs
4CRM Essentials 1.5 hrs
5Digital Enterprises 1.5 hrs
6Resource Management 1.5 hrs
7Value Creation through Innovation & IP 1.5 hrs
8Expansion Vs Growth 1.5 hrs
9Leveraging the Federal Ecosystem 1.5 hrs
10Leveraging the State Ecosystem 1.5 hrs
11Access to Finance 1.5 hrs
12Access to Global Value Chains1.5 hrs
13Decision Making 1.5 hrs
14Strategic Management 1.5 hrs
15Communication & Time Management for Leaders 1.5 hrs
16Transition from owner to Leader 1.5 hrs
17Enabling a Prime Mover Culture 1.5 hrs
18Increasing Chances of Funding & Success 1.5 hrs
Total Duration27 hrs over 9 weeks


Group Session 1Sectoral outlook & Potential1 hour
Week 1: AssessmentDetermining your business potential
Group Session 2Harnessing the potential and tangible value creation1 hour
Week 2: AssessmentDetermining your brand proposition and attributes
Group Session 3Sustainable, irreversible, replicable and scalable business model1 hour
Week 3: AssessmentSubmission of Business model
Group Session 4Resource requirements for a successful growing business1 hour
Week 4: AssessmentAssessing resource requirements for your business (HR, financial and tech)
One to One Session 1Threats and challenges for a growing business1 hour
Week 5: AssessmentDetermining specific problem areas
One to One Session 2Managing a growing business1 hour
Week 6: AssessmentCreate a monthly review plan with targets
Total Duration6 hrs over 6 weeks