About Hausla


Entrepreneurship is one of the most important avenues for women's economic empowerment and equality, and it has the potential to have "multiplier effects" on family well-being, poverty reduction, and long-term economic progress. As a result, developing an enabling business ecosystem in which women are free to engage and fulfil their full potential can result in significant socioeconomic improvements. “Hausla” is an event which paves a way to give wings to women entrepreneurs of J&K to fly higher and make their own identity in the field of business and with the objective of exploiting their potential and enable them for wider outreach and visibility of their products and services. To boost Women Entrepreneurship in the UT of Jammu and Kashmir, GoJK is working aggressively to identify various initiatives and accordingly, JKTPO identified various stakeholders cum partners which can help Women Entrepreneurs of J&K to reach new heights. The main objective is to build a comprehensive programme for Women Entrepreneurs of J&K which can serve as a guide for achieving success in their business. .

What we want to achieve through this program

Identifying & empowering Women Entrepreneurs (WE) as role models, by providing them with continuous support & building an ecosystem to inspire other local women entrepreneurs.

  • Create a channel for educated women to explore their potential and subsequently channelize their business acumen.
  • Overcome challenges related to finances, legal, societal biases by focusing on their innate potential.
  • Knowledge about promotion policies of Governments for women entrepreneurs and providing access to Credit and Financial Services.
  • Access to enterprise education and training with focus on business development and business information.
  • Access to women enterprise networks, associations, business premises and market linkages.

Eligibility Criteria

For Existing Entrepreneurs,

  • Any women resident of J&K who is above 18 years of age,
  • Owning more than 33% of the enterprise
  • Has commenced business operations

Selection Process,

  • The applicants can apply using the web link.
  • The Guidance committee will do two rounds of screening of the applications.
    1. On the basis of application form.
    2. Personal Interview (virtual) to be done with applicants.

Key Takeaways from the Program

  • Access to Finance
  • Banking tie ups
  • Policy Incentives
  • Credit support from Mission Youth JK
  • Access for selling products via e-Commerce platform
  • Selected Women Entrepreneurs will be given access to free stalls in various known exhibitions to showcase their products